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Havana Hotels

(148 Hotels & Casa Particular in Havana)

Havana: a simply sensational city where the rhythm of music and the lure of its history hangs at every corner. A city known for its passion, love of music and exotic repertoire of dance - no place better captures the essence of Cuba than its vibrant, buzzing capital. The cityscape is defined by the country’s rich colonial past, with remnants evident across the city, particularly in the UNESCO World Heritage site neighbourhood of Habana Vieja (Old Havana).

Featured Hotels in Havana

Trinidad Hotels

(12 Hotels & Casas in Trinidad, Cuba)

One of the best-preserved colonial cities in the Caribbean, Trinidad is often referred to as a “living museum”. Founded by Diego Velázquez in 1514, Trinidad grew wealthy on sugar in the 18th century, thus its museum-piece architecture dates mainly from this era. With its rich history, sprawling plazas, grandiose churches and stately mansions, Trinidad was granted the status of UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988.

Featured Hotels in Trinidad

Viñales Hotels

(13 Hotels & Casas in Viñales, Cuba)

Arguably Cuba’s most beautiful landscape, the UNESCO World Heritage-Listed Valley of Viñales sits just three-hours from Havana but feels like a world away. With stunning scenery and rich cultural traditions, a visit to Viñales is a wonderful introduction to rural life in Cuba and provides a peaceful contrast to the bustling capital. The remarkable region is home to vast farmland, craggy limestone outcrops and spectacular lakes. Ride horseback across the plains, discover a world of hidden caves and roll Cuban Cigars.

Featured Hotels in Viñales

Cienfuegos Hotels

(7 Hotels & Casas in Cienfuegos, Cuba)

With its sweeping bay, Cienfuegos, popular with French settlers, was established in 1819, late for Cuba. Spacious Francophile streets offer an alternative to the small-scale chaos of other Cuban provincial capitals, and the tranquil town retains an unsullied, old-fashioned air, with horse-drawn carriages still the main transport. Cienfuegos is made for wandering and absorbing everyday provincial life. The Paseo del Prado, the longest street in Cuba, is all about people-watching.

Featured Hotels in Cienfuegos

Varadero Hotels

(95 Hotels in Varadero )

A 13-mile-long peninsula with white sands and clear sparkling waters, Varadero is Cuba's top seaside destination. Regularly paired with Havana and Trinidad as part of our City and Beach combo holiday, Varadero is a paradisiacal place to unwind after a busy spell of sightseeing. With stunning scenery, a vibrant bar and restaurant scene and an underwater world as colourful as the Cuban culture, Varadero is the perfect addition to any holiday itinerary.

Featured Hotels in Varadero

Cayo Santa María

(14 Hotels in Cayo Santa María)

Set off the northern coast of mainland Cuba, Cayo Santa María is a popular alternative to busy Varadero, providing a more exclusive though often slightly pricier paradise island option. Its 8-miles of sand are talcum-soft and talcum-white, dotted with fat little palm trees, and the water is the palest shade of aquamarine. The northern coast of the islet plays host to a few luxurious all-inclusive resorts while the south is mainly dominated by forests, salt marshes and mangroves.

Featured Hotels in Cayo Santa María

Guardalavaca Hotels

(11 Hotels in Guardalavaca)

An often-overlooked gem of the Oriente, the city of Holguín provides an authentic insight into life in provincial Cuba. Known as the ‘City of Parks’, Holguín’s ample green spaces are the perfect spot for people-watching, gossiping and playing chess - often to the sounds of wandering troubadours. Just an hour away from Holguín are the white sands, verdant hills and kaleidoscopic coral reefs of Guardalavaca, a stretch of coast that was declared by Christopher Columbus as "the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen".

Featured Hotels in Guardalavaca

Santiago de Cuba Hotels

(7 Hotels in Santiago de Cuba)

Cuba’s second city has a different soul and texture to Havana. Flung at the furthest extremity of the island, it was always a world apart – proudly Afro-Cuban, strongly socialist, never deeply embedded in the colonial culture. More than anywhere else on the island, Santiago has maintained its cultural traditions – you only must come to any festival in the city to see it. The locals mix Spanish, Haitian, Jamaican and West African genes and culture and as you might expect, its choral and dance traditions are second to none in Cuba.

Featured Hotels in Santiago de Cuba

Baracoa Hotels

(6 Hotels in Baracoa)

In the Cuban popular imagination, Baracoa really is the end of line – which is fair enough when one considers that there wasn’t a road to their till 1964. Isolated for so many years, it has a strong life of its own, and is one of the few places in the country where it is still possible to trace Taíno genes in locals’ faces. The bustling village sits where the Cuchillas del Toa hills meet the Caribbean at the Bay of Baracoa, at the cusp of the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, one of the most important biospheres in the Caribbean basin.

Featured Hotels in Baracoa